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Xalibur's Irish Wolfhounds

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A breeder of dogs heart should be with his dogs in the first place. Altough the main emphasis Should Be in his respect for the human heart. It is for them That he breeds this wonderful creatures, to accompagnie them with the best health and temperament as possible. Every approach will be different but the respect for the living should be the base of his work. Xalibur's Irish Wolfhounds: Many people think of the word kennel when they see a large number of dogs together. We see it as one big family and they live in our house and no! They do not sleep in our bed or couch, it would be simply too small! We dedicate this page to our first acquaintance with enchanting Xalibur Of First Avenue, our first Irish Wolfhound. We seek a responsible way to keep a large beautiful irish wolfhounds family on a relaxt base. 2/3 of our dogs came purely by chance on us, either from reputable breeders or by adoption. What does not mean that we have lost sight on the homogeneity of our group!

You can enlarge every picture manualy or scroll it like an album,even on the FUN page. In some buttons you will find links to pedigrees or other websites, ENJOY!

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